1)   Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

MJN Mechanical installs and maintains all heating equipment, including furnaces, wall heaters, heat pumps, and any other conventional heating system. Whether you want to install a system for the first time or update or service your existing system, MJN Mechanical can help heat or cool your space. Our high-efficiency furnaces and outdoor condensing units provide indoor comfort for your home and business. Our air conditioning units complement the heating systems, which provides a perfect systematic integration for year-round convenience.

2) Ductwork and Ventilation

MJN Mechanical installs residential and light commercial ductwork including wire flex, alumaflex, hard pipe, square pipe, custom sheet-metal ductwork and high velocity duct. HERS testing is now required in the state of California.  

We also install and services a wide variety of kitchen hood vents, bathroom fans, dryer vents, whole-house fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heat recovery ventilation systems to meet all your ventilation needs

3)   Service and Preventative Maintenance

All appliances require occasional attention. Whether your heater kicks on with a startling shudder or your vents seem less refreshing than usual, our helpful technicians are ready to troubleshoot with you to address what matters to you.

4) Air Quality

Though we have little control over outdoor pollution and allergens, we can greatly improve the air quality within our homes and businesses. MJN Mechanical offers HEPA filters, which remove 99.97% of airborne irritants. MERV filters, also available, offer a full spectrum of air quality efficiency, ranging from modest to pharmaceutical-level filtration.